Our mission is to keep Cardano secure and decentralized.


Hosted locally in Kelowna BC, Canada.

Our nodes are located in a data center that’s not owned by big companies like Amazon or Google. Being one of many stake pools located around the world, staking with us helps keep the Cardano network decentralized.

Virtual Machines

Each one of our nodes is a virtual machine in a high availability cluster across multiple physical machines. This keeps our nodes protected against downtime. If one of our physical machines fail, causing one of our stake pool nodes to go offline, the node will be brought back online automatically by a separate physical machine in the cluster.

UPS Battery Backup

Our physical servers are protected by power surges and outages. With a UPS battery, the Kelowna Staking Pool will stay online during a power outage and continue producing blocks.


We have taken high security measures to ensure that the Kelowna Staking Pool is reliable and can only be accessed by us. All private keys are encrypted and stored offline.

Temporary 0% Margin

To promote the Kelowna Staking Pool, the margin, or fee, is set to 0% until 10 million ADA is delegated. Afterwards, the margin will be set to 3% forever.

View our stake pool at ADApools.org
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